Friday, October 23, 2009

Tete a tete with Rekha Rana

  • When was the first time you realized you were sexy?
    I participated in an intercollegiate competition in 2006 and the crowd went berserk when they saw me in the bikini round. It was then that I realised I was sexy. And I even won the Miss Delhi 2006 award in that competition.
  • The kind of movies you'd like to do?
    Rekha is my idol and I want to do performance based roles just like her. I started my career as a theatre actor and I am looking for films where I can do tragedy roles, action and basically just really perform. I don't mind acting as a prostitute in a film but it has to be the lead role.
  • One actor you'd want to go on a hot date with...
    I am going to say two. Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. I'd love to go out with both of them at the same time to the romantic Piazza Di Capri in Italy.
  • Being sexy to you means...
    Achieving a diving strength - in terms of appearance, scent and character. So that any man who looks at me even once is ready to give up anything for me.
  • The best compliment you've received from a guy...
    I was participating in the Trans Asia Marathon in Delhi and an industrialist's son was the judge. He said that I had strong and sexy legs and I looked like a Greek goddess.
  • If someone act's fresh with you, you would...
    I would feel sympathetic towards him actually. I would give him an air hostess like smile and ignore him.
  • What was your first casting couch proposal like...
    A big time director told me to sleep with a financer to get a role. I just smiled at him and walked out and never took his calls again. It's all a part of the industry and I smiled because I don't want to make any enemies here.
  • Who's the most overrated 'sexy' Bollywood heroine?
    Celine Jaitley
  • Your last date that ended in a mess...
    I had a crush on this guy in my Barry John classes. I invited him for a first romantic date at Taj in Mumbai. I found out during the date that he was gay and he wanted me to help him hook up with this other guy who even I knew.
  • One Bollywood hero you'd like to marry...
    Saif Ali Khan! He is the perfect man for a girl.
  • One Bollywood director you'd do anything to work with...
    I won't compromise but I would really want to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He is the best and most talented director of our times. I want to work on the sequel of Black with him and play the lead role. I am a director's actor.
  • When do we see you on the big screen?
    I am a dormant volcano with lava of talent, waiting to become active. I want to make it big internationally and in Bollywood. You will see me in a Hindi feature film by 2010 summer.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meet Rekha Rana

Meet Rekha Rana
The stunning Rekha Rana from Delhi has been trained under Barry John and received a Diploma in acting. She has a best actor award to her credit for her short film Take Care which was showcased at the Singapore Film Festival 2009. Rekha is a model but has quite a repertoire as an actor with various theatre projects in her kitty including Dinesh Thakur's, Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai. Not only does she wish to bag lead roles in films but even promises to be the next big thing in Bollywood.